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* Presentations of Live Music* (mostly Original Songs, stories and tunes!) - on his own and/or with his band mates, Brian loves to share authentic and soulful songs with any/all that wish to appreciate, enjoy and/or co-create! (music halls, festivals, churches, bars, community centers, house/yard concerts, schools, care homes, etc... 'inspirational folk music" and/or "adaptable heart songs for children of all ages!' with a variety of moods and of opportunities to deeply listen and/or participate with singing and/or playing along!)


*Heart Song Sharing Circles* Music, Poetry and/or Story Telling Sharing Groups: providing opportunities to co-create space for clear communication, deep listening, co-existence, gratitude, dynamic peace and heart-centered sharing. This is sure to inspire benefits of experiencing the inherently kind and wise nature of our sincerity. Inviting poetry, music/song and story as simple powerful tools to ease the essential remembrance of the dynamic peace and joy potentials in these kinds of get togethers!(this can all sow include visual art, meditation techniques, etc... 'sharing art from heart to heart!')

*Flower Deliveries with Original Heart Songs!* - choose the theme and let Brian share/choose/co-create one (or two or three!) songs just right for your wedding, birthday, anniversary, thank you, romance,family love gift and/or event! Brian can collaborate with the flower shop and delivery of your choice and/or possibly arrange the shop to best suite your needs and location.

*song writing workshops/playshops and basic instrumentatio/singing instruction/lessons* (with individuals or groups, rsvp for more details and discovery)

*Public Speaking* - authentic and inspirational story telling, Brian shares a reverence for the creative process, living education, multi cultural exposure, ancient wisdom traditions, medicine cultures and finding ones uniquely unified way in life! Presentations are relevant to each special setting, event, life/lives and desired areas/topics of focus, age groups, etc...

*Open Mic Hosting with special feature!* depending on the set and setting, Brian, on his own and/or with fellow professional friends, can host and/or facilitate sharing groups of many kinds in your home and/or community!  


*Camp Fire Stories and Songs and/or sing and play alongs!* Want to have a family friendly campfire gathering with songs and stories, inspiring sharing and listening and interaction for fun and learning and connection enhancement? reach out and we'll make it happen!

*Beeswax Candle Making Workshop* outside around a campfire and/or indoors, let's add a great, natural, educational, empowering and fun aspect to any gathering, workshop, children's camp, 4H event, etc... Will bring all supplies, teach and see all participants go home with their own 3 inch birthday candle and a 6 inch taper candle! Just need a power supply for indoors, or a grill that a large heavy pot could sit on for an outdoor fire! (and why not add in a campfire stories and song aspect also in that case! - see service listed above!)

*Music for healing with healers or yoga classes*

therapeutic sound via instruments, vocals, singing bowls, gong, gentle, percussion, flute and more, all presented as live accompaniments to collaborate with and complement the one on one, or group, work of massage therapists, reflexologists, energy workers, yoga/chi gong teachers/classes, and the like.

**in regards to suggested donations/honorariums/trades, etc... we all ways give, do and be our absolute best and trust others to act like wise with integrity and honesty. we are open to discussing and discovering fair and/or alternative means in order to accommodate projects and friendships we joyfully and benevolently believe in, and we would certainly love to be able to respond to every wish to connect with us and co-create sustainable beauty and joy one way or another or another!

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