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Brian Paul D.G.

As originally inspired musicians and singer-songwriters with many irons in the fire, Brian Paul D.G. and his ever-evolving musical friends (aka 'the divine comedians' and/or 'the band with many names project') offer a dynamic synergy of traditional and primarily original compositions with a focus on story-telling, universal poetry and potentially all inclusive harmonies!


Although playing music for his whole life, Brian's career as a singer-songwriter began around 2004 as an integrated and continuing path of practice and study in regards to music, poetry, philosophy, psychology, ancient traditions, clear communication and joyful being! He has since been intimately and increasingly involved with presentations of live music, special events, as a facilitator of 'heart song sharing circles,' and other such workshops... all of that within various settings such as cafe's, at markets, festivals, schools, children's groups, care homes, hospitals, healing circles, gardens, community centers, music halls, theatres, yoga studios, churches,  bars, weddings, funerals, birthday parties and sow on!

Brian's singing and song writing process is a continuing holistic and joyful practice of all ways evolving inspiration for him and his friends to live a balance of city and country life, in as much beneficial harmony as can be... with earth, sky, all relations in between and beyond! 

As a student practitioner forever of the art and science of life, health and happiness, Brian has a variety of passions, relationships and studies connected with many community groups near and far, with singing, music, drumming, dance, story-telling, poetry, meditation, holistic and ecological health awareness and nature appreciation that certainly aims to resonate through the music!

On his own or with band mates, Brian is glad to show up and share his inspired passion and crafty care with individuals and/or groups!

a lovely north sask music zine article about us!

(november, 2021: article and new music video link!)

"deeper far out love" (with Brian Paul D.G. and Friends!) is on the top 3 Saskatchewan albums of the year for 2021, according to our friend and fellow author William Yannacoulias and the north sask music zine team! 

(January, 2020: article and album listening link)

moose jaw today article: Yoga & Wholeness Studio unveils safe space with friends, music, art

some band with many names mates...

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Janicka Grayston

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singer-songwriter, rhythmic artist, player of the keys

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Lucianus Best

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singer songwriter,

bass/keys/guitar player

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Evert Van Olst

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singer songwriter, lead guitarist

more band with many names mates...

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Scott Triffo

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singer-songwriter, lead-guitar and multi-instrumentalist

Evert, Brad, Bruce, Brian, Bubble, full

Brad Lafontaine

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electric and stand up bassist,


Shaun's gathering, Arthur, Ave, Bruce, B

Arthur Despins

    audio/visual/digital team player!