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Brian Paul D.G.


Brian Paul D.G. and Friends: As originally inspired musicians and singer-songwriters with many irons in the fire, Brian Paul D.G. and his ever-evolving musical friends (aka'The Divine Comedians' and/or 'The Band With Many Names Project') offer a dynamic synergy of continued and one of a kind compositions with a focus on story-telling, universal poetry and potentially all inclusive harmonies!

New album now available! 

"something new" with Brian Paul D.G. and Friends

get it here! http://www.brianpauldg.bandcamp.com

and/or all sow available on these channels:

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Primarily centered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since 2005, and born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, with parents that moved to Canada from small villages in southern and central Italy, Brian does his best to continue to live a balance of city and country life. Intimately involved with many Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Ontario communities through various special events and live music appointments (in cafe's, at markets, festivals, care homes, hospitals, healing circles, community gardens/gatherings/centers, music halls, yoga studios, churches,  bars, and sow on!) Brian has been consistently evolving his relationship as a singer-songwriter with "with many irons in the fire!" with the idea and practice of inspiration, sincerity and integration being key components of the poetry and experience of his songs and band projects. He has a variety of passions, relationships and studies connected with many circles, groups and friends that meet regularly for singing, music, drumming, story-telling, poetry, meditation, dance, holistic and ecological health, awareness, nature appreciation and happiness as fellow student-practitioners of the art and science of life that certainly and gratefully resonate through his music!



Saskatoon, Sk


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